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ABOUT "My Watch Style"

My Watch Style has simply been created for the watch enthusiast and watch lover. "MWS" was easy in theory to create but challenging in concept - specifically when looking to create a platform for the genuine watch enthusiast! As a team of horological nerds, the MWS decided to take up this challenge and embark on this journey to pave a new way of how the consumer, you and us are able to find our next horological marvel or source that ultimate grail watch.The MWS team consist of committed watch nerds and have longed for an online community that serves us as enthusiasts rather than just a online portal which bares no resemblance to what individuals all over the world are looking for.


With technological complexities of transferring information coupled with the challenges of bringing together a truly global market, has given us the focus to create a meaningful platform which will allow us to provide the best information for every watch enthusiast at anytime. The MWS founders were tired of seeing watch enthusiasts continue to make selling and buying mistakes. The platform will allow the buyer simply to input basic information of their requirement, following which the system will do its magic and pull a vast number of options of the piece they are looking to purchase without having to scour the internet across many sites.For the consumer who is looking to sell a watch in their collection, it will allow them to do this free from dealer haggles, free from the fear of loosing out and free from the fear of having exorbitant fees taken off from the sale.


My Watch Style mission in to be the go to network  for all watch enthusiasts from all walks of life - determined to enhance the process of buying, selling and understanding the watch market. MWS will produce multiple thought provoking reports and publications throughout the year, specifically targeted to watch enthusiasts and lover! MWS publications will cover today's hottest topics, challenges and opportunities in the watch market.

Further to the content driven element of MWS, we will be hosting  a number of key events that will attract members and non-members from across the globe. These events will be geared to the consumer in mind providing them hands on opportunities to meet with manufacturers and retailers showcasing the hottest models of the year.

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All images shown here are the property of MWS or its members as indicated by the acknowledgment. If you have interesting watch images that you would like to share with the community please email us directly on info@mywatchstyle.comTo view more member images click here


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